Training Notes – too good to be true?

October 24, 2014

Anyone who has engaged me for training, or read my website for that matter, knows that when I leave a client after training them on the use of bookkeeping software, I leave them with resources.  Calls and emails are responded to promptly and as long as I trained the person on the topic of their question, it’s absolutely free.  I’m sometimes asked how I can afford to provide this service and my answer is that in reality, the calls and emails aren’t that frequent and tend to drop off completely after the first three or four weeks.  One of the reasons for this is that every training client (with the exception of brief consults) receives a set of notes, written in plain language and indexed with a point and click table of contents.

Recently, near the end of a software conversion and training project with a client, he asked me if I wrote his notes myself.  I answered that yes I did but I just had to ask him why he had asked me that.  His reply, which I found quite comical, was “Well, they’re just so GOOD, I thought they might be a set of ‘canned’ notes.”  So he didn’t believe I had written them?  I confess that  the notes I use are recycled and customized from client to client, so at this point, many clients and many many revisions in, they are pretty darn good if I say so myself.  But I just thought that was funny.

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