To JE or not to JE?

September 4, 2015

As someone who has built a business around showing non-bookkeepers to manage bookkeeping, I have learned that there are words you should never say to a client.  Scary, accounting-type words.  Words like Debit…and Credit.  Yikes!

Sometimes, though, the fastest and easiest way to input accounting data is through the use of a journal entry, where those alien words are prominent on the screen.  While you can always find another way to get the data into your system, those other methods can be cumbersome and add unnecessary work.  So a Journal Entry it is.  Luckily, both QuickBooks™ and QuickBooks Online™ offer a handy way to memorize entries, allowing me to create a template that a client can easily follow to input daily sales totals from their point-of-sale system or external payroll service.  By simply following the template and filling in the blanks from numbers I identify in the POS or payroll report, the client can quickly enter data in one easy step, with no knowledge of Debit and Credit required.

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